CodeMyRobot is a modest volunteer run charity based in Ottawa Canada created by a group of teachers, makers and artists.

Our Goal: 1. To provide a no cost hands-on coding robots to Canadian school and community libraries, with the intent to encourage, empower and promote 21st century skills
2. To support access by all students and citizen who are interested learning basic robotic systems in a fun and supported learning system.

Our story is simple: We teach robotics and electronics and realized that if a student did not take our classes, they may not have access to robotics nor an introduction to coding.

We brought the idea of creating a low-cost robot to our suppliers so that every library could offer students an introduction to coding and robotics. Our suppliers agreed to funding the robots and in support of this initiative, lowered the cost of creating the CARL 6 robot by 90%.

In a way, we are enabling all schools to teach 21st century skills through their library system and cloud services. Like signing out a book, students can book out the coding robot learning kit and will be able to learn at the time and place of their choice.

Once all kits are in the schools, the initiative goes into the virtual community with blogs, support groups, and a national online robot competition. ( The outcome will empower all partners and participants to develop conditions that encourage future robotic involvement, for example: clubs, coding classes, and other robotic events.

This site is a simple way to get these robots into the schools: school librarians register, we match them with sponsors, and the robots are delivered.

Our goal is to provide every school at no cost a “coding robot kit,” one school at a time.

We believe:

Students should have access to free education.

Coding and robotics are necessary 21st century skills.

If everyone does a little together, we can have robots in every school.

To receive your school robot, please register above.