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Welcome to the registration link                 Registration is open all Sept

—   If you are a Teacher Librarian click the link below, and thank you for bringing cool, fun, hands-on robotics to all the students

—   If you are a teacher that is supporting the Teacher Librarian,  apply yet please put the Teacher Librarian’s email in the info field

—   All others please email us at,  we will be glad to help you

—   Wednesday night 6pm to 8pm is open for all teachers, join us for CARL 6.1 robot workshops

Teacher Librarians can register by clicking on this link:    Teacher Librarian Registration click here

Bunch of extra information:

We also want to support all non technology subject teachers…who would like to kick start a beginner coding experience, and then run with their own innovative ideas and resources.  This opportunity is open Wed nights from 6 to 8pm at Maker Space North.    Registration link posted soon

Our robots are all open source and can be engineered and used by any Community/Boards/Government/Parents/Student:  Please contact us directly with questions on how to set up your own supply chain of parts,  and how to assembly the robot in 4 easy steps.