Welcome to the CodeMyRobot.ca 2018 Dancing robot challenge .   Starts Feb lst 2018

  1. Download poster from CodeMyRobotchallenge.com poster page, with the layout of the clock or see example video on this site
  2. Create the clock with a dry erase pen (to ensue you can wipe it off later)
  3. Place your robot in the middle circle
  4. First time CARL 6 robots come with the code, watch it run around the clock
  5. Download the Arduino IDE which allows you to code the robot
  6. Start coding your robot to do the clock dance
  7. Open your video setting on your phone, turn to the lowest setting
  8. Video your dance
  9. Ask your librarian teacher to use the upload feature on this site
  10. Cut and paste the code into wordpad and save in the RTF format and upload it as well
  11. If that upload does not work:  Send to uploadcodemyrobot@gmail.com
  12. With your Student or team Name, School, copy of your code, name of teaching librarian.
  13. All students will receive participation awards, and your school is entered in winning classroom sets of CARL 6’s


Our sponsors will award prizes and more coding challenge information

Students with the fastest time in March will receive 10 robots donated to your school library

Watch of more cool ideas and prizes


Suggestions:  if you have a great idea to promote coding with the CARL 6,  drop us a line at codemyrobot@gmail.com