Register your school today   

All Ottawa school are eligible to register for a no cost coding robot. 

We are looking to support  Librarian, Makerspaces an Motivated teachers.  

Our mission:   To get as many students to follow 4 steps to code a robot, take a video of the dancing robot and upload it to our website.

If you can take the lead in your school, we love to send you a robot help you with  problem solving, and the easy steps to code a robot.   All you have to do is agree to share it with as many others teachers and students as possible.

 This is perfect for first time beginners….    get your school registered today


  • 2018  this year we are focusing on providing robots to the 300 Ottawa schools .  Also teachers are encouraged to drop in to the CodeMyRobot bootcamp,  every Wednesday form 6 – 8pm, at  Ottawa Makerspacenorth

  • 2019  we are gathering partners to host a City wide fun day of robotic challenges.

(We also help other cities start their own codemyrobot initiative, all our robots are open source)

Our Twitter feed hosts all student video clips

Watch Student Videos: