Just a thought: technology is a great opportunity to challenge and practice problem solving skills, treat all the tasks as opportunities to solve and find new pathways. We have tested everything to ensure it all works, feel comfortable in this process, if you take small steps, it will all work out.” If this is stressful, get some help, take smaller steps, let the learning flow, and build on top of each concept.

(We have had a few teachers that would rather have a booklet and not use the step-by-step approach we offer. This is usually due to time and busy school schedules. If this robotics project does not fit in with your schedule at this time, feel free to pass until more free time becomes available, or look for a champion that can run with the resources provided below. We are also accepting registrations again next year, so no worries; there is time. Thank you.)

Setup Information:

1. Download the Arduino IDE:

You need to download a software program called Arduino to run the robot code. No worries; we will show you how to use it, but for now you need to get it on the computer. You may have to submit a help desk ticket if you are on the LAN. The link below will direct you to the Arduino site’s software tab, and download links for Windows, Mac, and Linux are in the second section from the top of the page:


Note: There is a version of the Arduino IDE¬†that can be put on a zip drive and plugged into a computer when needed. This may be an easier option, as you won’t need tech support at school to install the IDE. Read this cool idea for a portable version:


2. The Beginning Code: It could be fun to print out and look at the Large Printed area. That is the Dancing Code that the students can alter to learn how to move CARL 6. We are making a poster to explain it all:


3. Poster Template of the CARL 6 robot you can use to print the poster. Open in Paint software, add your own wording to the middle section, and post in your school:

Cool Resources

4. CARL 6 robot poster on no background


5. Google has a free computational thinking course for those interested

Cool Resources 


Coming Soon: See the current poster list at https://codemyrobotchallenge.com/posters/
All schools that create posters for this initiative will receive another CARL 6 robot, so send us your best practices.

Poster on the CARL 6 and all the features

Poster on how the code works

Poster formats for generating student interest

Poster on how to use the CARL 6

Poster on how to set up your own dance challenge,

Poster on how to upload your dancing robot video and win prizes (this contest starts in January)

Poster on next steps after you have completed CodeMyRobot

Poster on setting up a CodeMyRobot club