Q & A

How can you offer free robots to schools?

We are all volunteers, and this is a one-time opportunity for schools to register for the CodeMyRobot initiative. Our suppliers have provided, at no cost, the parts for the major portion of the robot supply chain.

Open source idea for School Boards or Schools

If you currently have a school that does robotics, we can work with teachers to supply all the parts to create CARL 7 robots. Once they see how inexpensive and easy it is to make a robot, they could consider passing that knowledge along throughout your board. We are here for you! Please email us at codemyrobot@gmail.com.

Why is it important to have coding robots in school libraries?

Not all students can take 21st century courses due to scheduling or other factors, and some schools may not have the resources. CodeMyRobot a no-cost program that will allow all students access to both coding and robots that are suited for the beginner, fun to use, hands-on, and easy to learn. Upon completion of the project work, the student(s) can upload their robot project onto the Canadian CodeMyRobotChallenge.com site, and winners will receive prizes from our many sponsors.

In addition, and much more compelling than getting the robots directly in the hands of students, is the conversation around coding and robotics. The resulting spin-off empowerment is the gold to be mined, such as: inspiring librarians to create groups and clubs and encouraging students to solve the coding puzzles and feel comfortable with problem solving. Further, teachers can book out the robot to illustrate how easy the coding robot works. Students can show parents by taking the robot home and sharing the learning with other family members.

CodeMyRobot.ca is an entry-level, hands-on learning system, designed to kick-start a life with 21st Century skills. Join our pay it forward project.

What are the steps/instructions to using the robot?

1 Book out the robot, download the readme zip file form the git hub https://github.com/CARL7Dev/CARL7firmware, understand the goals, and let the journey unfold. Choose help, watch video clips, read, talk, research, test. Find a way that works for you.

2 Once your have the robot running, code it around some obstacles or create the Carleton University dance. Record a video of your success.

3 Submit your video to the CodeMyRobotChallenge.com video uplink.  Sponsors in all provinces award prizes to our winners (see rules on codemyrobotchallenge.com

What if the student cannot do it?

The robot and resources were designed by students, for students. With patience and persistence, most students will be able to learn well. Please check our helpful videos on the twitter feed to make it a little easier.

Can students do this alone or with help from others?

Students can learn in whatever way they wish to. They can learn at home, at school, with others, or by themselves. Everyone has different learning preferences, and as long as students are learning effectively and having fun, none of them are wrong.

What is the CodeMyRobotChallenge.com site for?

This is a way to encourage and celebrate our CodeMyRobot.ca graduating students. Our sponsors provide a range of prizes from T-shirts to a full classroom set of CARL 7 robots.

Our goal is to have winners from all provinces. However, learning 21st Century skills makes everyone a winner.  This year the challenge is in May see poster in the github zip file.

What a great idea! How can I help sponsor?

Thank you!  We meet every Wed at makerspaceNorth, 6pm, drop in and help us out .

What is the cost of CARL 7?

As 100% of cost of the parts are covered by our sponsors

Can we buy a CARL 6.1?

We are not a re-seller of the CARL 7 robot. Our sponsors have reduced the cost by 100% of the true cost, to help this “pay it forward” initiative.  If you are an educational institution we can include you on our bulk orders,  for other the MakerSpace North website sells the robot.   Contact us for a teacher discount code.

Can a student or parent buy a CARL 7?

Visit the MakerSpace north M store,  and ask us for the student discount code at codemyrobot@gmail.com

How can I help?

Contact your school parent association and ask them to sponsor their school, ask the school librarians to register with us, or sponsor your old school. To sponsor your local school(s), please click on the sponsorship link above.

If you have a question please send it to codemyrobot@gmail.com

“If everyone does a little together we can have robots in every school.”