Our list of awards is growing as more and more supporters donate

The CARL Robot starts with the dancing clock challenge, and then there is a maze challenge, after that we move to the self driving car ultrasonic sensor challenges.

The new CARL  6.1 will be given to all schools that upload their student Dancing Clock Video by March 31st.

Students and schools have a chance to win awards for everything they submit to CodeMyRobotChallenge.com.   The school that has the most students submitting to the dancing code challenge will receive a bunch of CARL 6.1 robots with the new sound and LED sensors.  Deadline is March 31st.

Prizes from our sponsors include:

3dchallenge.ca: 3d printer awarded the to a school makerspace that presents CARL 6.1 project centres

OzOptics: Robots

capitalROBOT: RGB LED and sensors

Carleton University: Robots and swag

OttawaMakerSpace: Robotic tool kit

Makerspace North: Line following robot kit

Design lst Engineering: T-shirts and swag

Pizza lunches for schools that set up in school challenges

Get another library signed up and they receive two robots and you get a robot for the referral


We also have 10 CARL 5 robots for those who like to build robots at carlrobotics.com