Firstly, thanks goes out to all the school library teachers who took on the challenge of bringing 21st century skills to nontraditional students. Without your support, many students wouldn’t have the opportunity to code a robot for the first time.

Thank you to the development team: Rick Alexanderson, Hussam Halherta, mentors Michael Grant and Graham Eatherley, and all the students at St. Peter High School TEJ computer engineering class for their troubleshooting and ideas. Very big thank you to Conall MacMillan and Luke Periard for helping with our challenges and Ottawa rollout.

Thank you to our volunteers at the Makerspace North Makers Meetup in Ottawa: Lakota G, Dayne G, Sasan N., William D, Francois, and many more.

And a huge thank you to our sponsors:

  1. Carleton University Faculty of Engineering and Design for their many years of support and encouragement
  2. TD Group that believes in 21st skills as the key to future success in Canada
  3. Design lst Engineering for their continued support and commitment to youth development
  4. OZ Optics for bringing solutions to our parts needs and connecting us to resources in China
  5. Capital ROBOT for being our partner and mentor, solving nearly every challenge we encounter
  6. Makerspace North for allowing coalition to happen every day, truly a supportive space
  7. Artengine for their governance and charitable support

Thank you all for making the CodeMyRobot initiative possible!